John + Kristin

Part of what makes weddings so enjoyable for me is the ability to be such an important piece of the wedding day for total strangers – but sometimes that isn’t exactly the case, and this is a perfect example.

John and I weren’t strangers – as a matter of fact, we’re family. John is my cousin, and when you get to asked to photograph the wedding of your family members it makes the day that much more special.

John and myself are both musicians so when he not only chose on of Buffalo’s best music venues, Ani DiFranco’s Babeville on Delaware ave, but also chose music as their wedding theme and hired an absolutely kick-ass Talking Heads cover band from Pennsylvania – “Start Making Sense” to cover their music for the day I couldn’t be more excited.

Starting the day at the Embassy Suites on Delaware Ave. in the hear of downtown Buffalo is as good a place as any to be able to photograph a bride getting ready. Stepping out the doors, and wandering around downtown Buffalo between our Theatre District, the First Ward, and Canalside for some bridal portraits before the party kicked off back at Babeville made for an absolutely perfect wedding day that I was happy to be a part of.

Check out some of my favorites below, and congrats to John and Kristin!