Moment between 2 grooms

Jimmylee and Ashley at the Lafayette

When it comes to weddings in Buffalo, nobody…and I mean nobody, does it like these guys did it.  JimmyLee and Ashley are a wealthy, stylish, attractive, and fun gay couple hailing from opposite sides of the Peace Bridge, running from Buffalo into Canada.  These 2 pulled out all the stops and this wedding was one for the books.  Anyone in the wedding industry in Buffalo is familiar with the historic Hotel Lafayette, and there was certainly no better location for this over-the-top event.  Beginning with a 50 ft red carpet and Joan Rivers impersonator greeting each and every guest on their way in, the surprises seemed to be never ending.  In addition to Joan, attendees were entertained by the likes of Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion (impersonators of course), and finally a drag show to conclude the night.  The first dance was comprised of a 3 minute choreographed medley, with shiny shirts, and some of the best dance moves you’ll see from a wedding couple ever.  Every guest room and ballroom of the Hotel Lafayette a was booked for the occasion to assure that the building was ours, and ours alone for the day.  The food, the entertainment, the people, the venue and the overwhelming love filling the building put this wedding absolutely over the top.  Take a few minutes to check out some of my favorite photos  from this amazing gay couple’s wedding above.  Congrats to JimmyLee and Ashley!