Evan + Chloe at the Statler

I’m 6’4 and am usually used to be the largest person I’m spending the whole day with when weddings roll around, but not this time. Between Evan seeing eye to eye with me and his brother/best man standing over each of us by several easy inches my standard when out the window from minute one.

Chloe and Evan chose the amazing Statler City for their ceremony location with St. Michael’s for their ceremony – both right in the heart of downtown Buffalo, and two of the most gorgeous venues a couple could choose for their wedding day.

With a couple quick stops throughout downtown on a very hot summer’s day, and a final trip to the Buffalo Waterfront before heading back to the gorgeous reception that awaited them, we had plenty of opportunities to get some amazing phots with them and their wedding party.

Check out some of my favorites from their day below and wish the two the best of luck in their futures together.