Hi, I’m Brian Battenfeld.

I’m a wedding and editorial portrait photographer from Buffalo, NY. Although I’m based out of Buffalo, I travel for assignments throughout the WNY and Tri-State area frequently, and am always open to taking on destination assignments, just ask me!

I did not grow up dreaming of being a photographer. I wasn’t even interested in being an artist at all. I didn’t take a photo that I can say I was proud of until I was 21. Once I did though, there was no turning back! I got into photography while studying Digital Media Arts in college, having no idea that it was going to take me where it has. I feel very grateful to have ever picked up a camera, and learned to see the world through the lens.

My style is contemporary, and edgy. I like to move fast, take control, and take chances. Being bold and thinking outside the box is how my best work comes out, so if you’re outgoing and willing to trust me I have no doubt that we can do something awesome together. Give me light, and give me a person. I’ll make some art out of it.

I like to develop relationships with my clients, and get them comfortable and confident in me. My favorite people to shoot with are those that are interested in my vision, and are willing to be bold with me.

If you think you’re one of these people, then get in touch, and let’s make something awesome together!